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Aqua Mix Penetrating Sealer
Master SKU: 27-0112#
New from Aqua Mix. Penetrating Sealer for stone, grout, & tile. An economical sealer, which allows moisture vapor transmission.

Our price: $11.39
Aqua Mix Sealer and Finish Low Sheen
Master SKU: 27-0039#
Aqua Mix Sealer & Finish - Low Sheen provides both a stain resistant surface seal and a durable low-sheen finish eliminating conventional two-step methods.

Our price: $16.85
Aqua Mix Stone Clean and Shine
Master SKU: 27-0032#
Try Aqua Mix Stone Clean and Shine on all of your sealed stone surfaces to reveal sparkling, natural beauty. This product will safely buff away streaks and will protect the stone's polish.

Our price: $9.49
Aqua Mix Renue Polish
Master SKU: 27-0094#
Aqua Mix's Renue is a great way to bring shine back to your lightly etched calcium based stone.

Our price: $30.75
Aqua Mix Concentrated Stone and Tile Cleaner
Master SKU: 27-0108
This is a concentrated stone and tile cleaner from Aqua Mix formulated for everyday use. Sold in an economical gallon size.

Our price: $19.29
Aqua Mix Eff Ex Efflorescence Remover
Master SKU: 27-0107#
This product by Aqua Mix effectively removes efflorescence from stone, grout, and other surfaces, and helps in the prevention of efflorescence return.

Our price: $25.59
Aqua Mix Stone Deep Clean Concentrate
Master SKU: 27-0036#
Aqua Mix Deep Stone Clean will effectively remove dirt, grease, and grime from your natural stone floors. Sold in a 32 oz bottle

Our price: $9.19
Aqua Mix Aquakleen for Tile and Stone
Master SKU: 27-0042#
Aqua Mix Aquakleen is a multi-purpose cleaner for use on cultured marble, natural stone, ceramic, porcelain, grout, plastic, glass, and metal surfaces.

Our price: $6.29
Aqua Mix Sealer and Coating Remover
Master SKU: 27-0040#
Aqua Mix Sealer and Coating Remover is a multi-purpose floor stripper formulated to stay wet longer giving you more time to remove most sealers, adhesives, epoxy grout haze, and more.

Our price: $18.99
Aqua Mix Grout Deep Clean Spray
Master SKU: 27-0080#
Aqua Mix Grout Deep Clean is a terrific product for removing unwanted stains from your grout joints and restoring original grout color. Can be used on sanded and unsanded grout joints.

Our price: $10.75
Aqua Mix Grout Sealer
Master SKU: 27-0029#
Aqua Mix Grout Sealer will give the professional results you are looking for. Prevent stains and simplify maintenance in your bathrooms and kitchen!

Our price: $9.79
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