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Baseboard Registers

Baseboard Registers


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Shoemaker Brown Baseboard Register
Master SKU: 24-0105#
Steel construction in a unique Driftwood Tan (brown) finish. Tall baseboard diffuser at 5 1/2" height. Comes in 15", 18" or 24" lengths.

Our price: $25.19
Shoemaker Soft White Baseboard Register
Master SKU: 24-0101#
Steel construction in a beautiful soft white finish. These registers are sure to be a pleasing addition to any room.

Our price: $25.19
Triangular Baseboard Register
Master SKU: 24-0056#
Triangular Baseboard Registers in three sizes; 10 x 6, 12 x 6, 14 x 6 inches. Extends 3 3/4 inches from wall at bottom and 7/8 inch at top.

Our price: $36.56
White Steel Baseboard Register with Plate Damper
Master SKU: 10-0126#
Baseboard registers in 6 sizes from 10 x 6 to 14 x 8 inches. Extends 7/8 inch from wall.

Our price: $15.39
White Steel Baseboard Diffusers
Master SKU: 61-0500#
Classic triangular baseboard registers in 15, 18, and 24 inch sizes.

Our price: $11.29
White Stamped Steel Baseboard Register
Master SKU: 61-0532#
Purchase new baseboard registers for your old, worn out, or damaged registers. 10 x 6 inch and 6 x 12 inch sizes.

Our price: $21.59
White Wicker Style Baseboard Register
Master SKU: 61-0498#
New! 15 and 18 inch white finished wicker style baseboard registers. Add some style to any room in minutes!

Our price: $12.99
Antique Brass Wicker Style Baseboard Register
Master SKU: 61-0007#
Antique brass wicker baseboard registers will add a distinctive look to your floor. Available in 15 and 18 inch sizes.

Our price: $20.79
Metal Baseboard Register 4 Foot
Master SKU: 24-0079#
Hard to find 4 foot Metal Baseboard Register in traditional white or golden sand (light brown). Great for any commercial or residential application.

Our price: $71.86
Wood Baseboard Register-24 Inches
Master SKU: 37-0155#
These are hard to find 24 inch Wood Baseboard Registers. Place your order today to enjoy the warmth these wood baseboard registers will bring to your room.

Our price: $45.99
Wood Baseboard Diffusers Light Oak w/ Damper
Master SKU: 24-0028#
Sturdy 15 and 18 inch finished wood baseboard register with metal damper. The light oak baseboard register blends into oak baseboards beautifully.

Our price: $15.49
Wood Baseboard Register by Zoroufy
Master SKU: 54-1449#
Zoroufy wood baseboard registers are a sturdy choice for all your register needs. Unfinished or natural finish. 15 inch and 18 inch sizes.

Our price: $40.50
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