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Cove Base Adhesive

Cove Base Adhesive, Step Tape and Tools

Use cove base adhesive or step tape to securely attach cove base to wall. Also find tools to make application go smoother and more quickly.


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Step Tape Adhesive
Master SKU: 45-0001#
Apply Johnsonite Cove Base with power tape. Quick, easy, and clean.

Our price: $4.80
Cove Base Adhesive
Master SKU: 12-0052#
Adhesive for cove base will adhere to almost any surface. Economical for large jobs.

Our price: $6.49
QEP Covebase Adhesive Nozzle
Master SKU: 53-0008#
QEP adhesive nozzle. For use with the large 30oz adhesive guns. After cutting off the tip of your adhesive, place this nozzle over the tube, and then place both into your adhesive gun. Allows you to evenly spread your adhesives over a 3" area at a time. QEP model 10-981.

Our price: $3.99
30 oz Cove Base Adhesive Applicator Gun
Master SKU: 53-0020#
Cove Base Adhesive Gun will hold 30 oz. tubes of adhesive. Professional grade cove base adhesive gun with ratcheting action makes installation of your cove base fast and easy.

Our price: $18.99
Cove Base Groover
Master SKU: 53-0005#
Create your own cove base out corners with this handy cove base gouge.

Our price: $29.99
Dap Weldwood Contact Cement
Master SKU: 45-0005#
Dap Contact Cement is very versatile and is suitable for use with laminates, veneers, paper, cork, vinyl, plywood, fabrics, wood, and many other surfaces. Always test the product on a small area to ensure desired results.***Not recommended as a covebase adhesive.

Our price: $23.79
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