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Decorative Custom Grill Quote

Custom Metal Grille Quote Form:

General Information:

  • Choose from 10 beautiful designs.
  • 10 decorative  5 painted finishes
  • Largest size that can be made is 26" opening/hole size
  • Lead Time: 6-8 weeks. There are NO RUSH ORDERS.
  • Cross-beams may be added to the grille for support by the manufacturer. The number of cross-beams and their layout are determined by the manufacturer.
  • These grilles do not contain a damper / air flow adjustment.
  • Grilles are custom made, therefore no returns, exchanges, or cancellations are allowed after we receive payment.

Use our easy 5-Step form to receive a quote for custom metal grilles.

Please Note: Upon completion, this form will auto populate an E-mail version for you to send to us. If you have any trouble with this form, please
Square Designed Custom Metal Grilles

***The Gateway Design is no longer available.***

Horizontal Slotted Designed Custom Metal Register

Grecian Designed Custom Metal Register

Chain Link Designed Custom Metal Grille

Octagon Cane Designed Custom Metal Grille

Cloverleaf Designed Custom Metal Grille

Step 3 - Choose Your Finish:
There are five painted finishes. Please choose only one finish per quote.
***Please note - Every monitor shows colors differently. Colors seen on this form may be slightly different than actual product***

Step 4 - Choose Your Quantity and Dimensions:
Please select the quantity of each sized grille and list the dimensions (in inches) of the hole. Make sure to list the dimensions as
length x width.
Length and Width of Custom Metal Grilles
*** This manufacturer cannot make any grille
larger than 26 inches (hole opening size). Please call us for details.

An alternative manufacturer for large and custom sizes is Steel Crest.

We apologize for any inconvenience.
Grille #1 -
Grille #2 -
Grille #3 -
Grille #4 -
Grille #5 -
There are no available products under this category.