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Dura Seal / Minwax

DuraSeal floor care products are just a click away. Choose from DuraSeal hardwood floor cleaner, wax and cleaner, or renovator to use on your floors.

Minwax Duraseal Hardwood Floor Cleaner is a great cleaner for unwaxed hardwood floors. The hardwood floor cleaner will add beauty and a protective coat to your hardwood floors.

For waxed floors try Minwax Duraseal Wax and Cleaner. Apply wax as you clean to save time and money. Duraseal Wax and Cleaner is a great option and comes in two colors.

Duraseal Renovator is the way to go if you need to clean and recondition your waxed floors. It is like two products in one!

DuraSeal floor care products are a great option for your hardwood floors. Order your DuraSeal floor care items today and start taking care of your floors the right way!


Minwax Duraseal Hardwood Floor Cleaner
Master SKU: 16-00091
Minwax Duraseal Hardwood Floor Cleaner will properly clean and maintain all un-waxed wood floors.

Our price: $9.99
Minwax Duraseal Wax and Cleaner
Master SKU: 16-0011#
Minwax DURASEAL™ Wax & Cleaner for waxed hardwood floors. Neutral or Coffee Brown color choices.

Our price: $50.69
Minwax Duraseal Wood Renovator
Master SKU: 16-0013#
Renovate your waxed wood floor with Minwax DURASEAL™ Wood Renovator - Cleaner and Reconditioner.

Our price: $58.49