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Funny Drink Coasters


Clever Coasters - Done Counting Carbs
Master SKU: 26-0130#
Clever coasters read "I'm done counting carbs. I've decided to just laugh my ass off."

Our price: $3.89
Sarcastic Gift Idea - Drank Dinner Coaster
Master SKU: 26-0131#
Must have sarcastic gift idea! This funny drink coaster reads "Puh-leez. Like you never drank dinner?"

Our price: $3.89
Wiener Dog Gift - Wiener Hits Pool Coaster
Master SKU: 26-0132#
Hilarious wiener dog gift features the text "Once that wiener hits the pool it's gonna shrink up to nothin'." Funny drink coaster from the always funny MikWright company.

Our price: $3.89