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Furniture Feet Grippers

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Grippers Coasters Screw/Nail In Misc.
Gripper-Pads Slipstick Leg Castor Cup Anti-Skid Plastic Gripper 2 inch Slipstick Riser
Gripper Stripps Slipstick Gripper Cups Slipstick Gripper Feet Bed Risers
Triangle Gripper Pads Wood Grain Caster Cup - -
- Small Slipstick Recliner Feet - -
- Large Slipstick Recliner Feet - -


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Black Thermoplastic Anti-Skid Floor Saver
Master SKU: 41-0540#
Stop furniture from moving with these anti-skid floor savers.

Our price: $3.79
Gripper Pad 1 inch x 4 inches
Master SKU: 41-0045#
Gripper Pads stop furniture from moving, sliding and reduce vibration. Made of thick, flexible vinyl with adhesive backing. Great under washers and dryers.

Our price: $2.27
Gripper Pads 2 Inch Triangle
Master SKU: 41-0046#
Triangle Gripper Pads stop furniture from unwanted movement. These thick gripper pads will reduce problem vibration.

Our price: $1.34
Rubber Gripper Pads
Master SKU: 41-0010#
Gripper pads are perfect for reducing chair, bed, table, and other appliance movement. Gripper pads will also help reduce floor scratching, denting, and scuffing.

Our price: $1.79
Slipstick 3 inch Bed Riser
Master SKU: 21-0036#
Add 3 1/4" of extra storage under your bed or other furniture with these bed risers.

Our price: $16.79
Slipstick Gripper Cups
Master SKU: 21-0027#
Small and Large Gripper Cups by Slipstick. These glide cups are specially designed to keep bed feet from sliding around.

Our price: $7.99
Slipstick Large Recliner Feet Grippers
Master SKU: 21-0018#
Stop your recliner from sliding when you don't want it to, and protect your floors from unslightly scratches. Fits chair legs up to 1 3/8" in diamter.

Our price: $9.39
Slipstick Small Recliner Feet Gripper
Master SKU: 21-0017#
Protect your floors from unsightly scratches by keeping your recliner from unwanted sliding.

Our price: $9.49
Super Cup Woodgrain Caster Cups and Anti-Skid Grippers
Master SKU: 41-0513#
Super Cups are plastic with a wood grain finish for a more elegant look. Your choice of a caster cup or anti-skid gripper.

Our price: $9.15
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