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Haydon 750 Residential Baseboard

Replacement video from "This Old House"

Watch how easy it is to replace old baseboard heaters: Installation Video


Haydon 90 Degree Inside Corner
Master SKU: 750IN90
Use this Haydon 90 Degree Inside Corner piece to give a better look to your 2 connecting baseboards! Order today!

Our price: $11.69
Haydon End Cap
Master SKU: 750RTEND
Replace your old, rusted, worn out end caps with these Haydon End Cap Replacements! 

Our price: $8.79
Haydon Out Corner Replacement
Master SKU: 750OUT
Use this Haydon model 750 90 degree out corner piece to when replacing your hot water baseboard piece.

Our price: $26.99
Haydon Replacement Baseboard
Master SKU: 750UNIT3
Replace old rusted and painted hot water baseboard covers with new Haydon baseboard covers.

Our price: $30.39