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Prevail 1-Step Neutral Cleaner
Master SKU: 35-0006#
Prevail 1-Step Neutral Cleaner by Metroflor is a no rinse cleaner for periodic maintenance of floor finish. It has replaced Konecto Cleaner.

Our price: $10.99
Prevail 2-Step Vinyl Cleaner
Master SKU: 35-0005#
Prevail 2-step cleaner made by Metroflor is a great way to maintain residental and commercial vinyl floors. It has replaced Konecto Cleaner.

Our price: $10.89
Prevail Gloss Finish
Master SKU: 35-0010#
Prevail Vinyl Gloss Finish by Metroflor. Add a tough gloss finish to your vinyl floors.

Our price: $15.59
Prevail Matte Finish
Master SKU: 35-0011#
Metroflor Prevail Matte Finish is a strippable finish for all vinyl floors.

Our price: $25.19
Prevail Scratch Remover
Master SKU: 35-0009#
Manufacturered by Metroflor to remove scratches on their Prevail vinyl flooring.

Our price: $21.49
Prevail Vinyl Stripper
Master SKU: 35-0012#
Prevail stripper is a concentrated stripper designed to remove acrylic finishes.

Our price: $11.99
Konecto Vinyl Cleaner
Master SKU: 14-0035#

Konecto vinyl cleaner is no longer available. Please see the Prevail Cleaner line.

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Metroflor Black Scuff & Adhesive Remover
Master SKU: 35-0008#
Metroflor/Prevail Black Scuff and Adhesive Remover for vinyl tile and planks.

Our price: $11.99
Metroflor Stripper Quart
Master SKU: 14-0022
Discontinued AND Discounted!! You've found Metroflor Stripper in a 32oz concentrated quart. Use for residential or commercial application. Removes gloss or matte finish off vinyl floors.

Our price: $13.49
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