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Basic Tile Installation Tool Kit
Master SKU: 57-0003#
This is a great kit for doing those small tile jobs around the house. This tile installation kit comes with the basics for your installation needs.

Our price: $24.99
QEP Grout Brush and Tile Scrubber
Master SKU: 53-0003#
Use this QEP grout cleaning brush to get your grout looking like new again.

Our price: $1.99
RhinoGrip Rug Traction Strip
Master SKU: 53-0002#
RhinoGrip will easily stop your rugs from slipping and sliding.

Our price: $12.79
The Ultimate Grout Brush
Master SKU: 53-0009#
Get a deep down clean on your dirty grout with this grout brush.

Our price: $9.99
Grouting Super Sponge
Master SKU: 53-0014#
Extra large sponge for grouting and clean up. Professional grouting sponge with rounded edges to minimize grout damage during installation.

Our price: $2.59
Economy Rubber Grout Float
Master SKU: 53-0010#
Economy grout float for fuller grout joints during installation. Rubber grout spreader ensures a smooth application of grout.

Our price: $4.29
QEP Covebase Adhesive Nozzle
Master SKU: 53-0008#
QEP adhesive nozzle. For use with the large 30oz adhesive guns. After cutting off the tip of your adhesive, place this nozzle over the tube, and then place both into your adhesive gun. Allows you to evenly spread your adhesives over a 3" area at a time. QEP model 10-981.

Our price: $3.99
Professional Grout Saw
Master SKU: 53-0011#
QEP brand professional grout saw for easy grout removal. Use this grout saw for stripping, cleaning and removing old grout.

Our price: $8.49
Grout Saw Replacement Blades
Master SKU: 53-0012#
Grout saw replacement blades for removing grout. Use fresh blade during tile grout removal. Two grout saw blades per package.

Our price: $3.29
Foam Flooring Knee Pads
Master SKU: 53-0013#
Flooring knee pads for use on hard or soft surfaces. Thick foam knee pads keeps you comfortable while grouting or installing flooring. Foam knee pads sold in pairs.

Our price: $4.29
QEP Grout Sealer Applicator Bottle
Master SKU: 53-0016#
For easy application of grout sealer or grout dye, use QEP's Grout Sealer Applicator Bottle.

Our price: $5.99
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