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Unfinished Wood Floor Register
Master SKU: 37-0013#
These are wood floor registers in hard to find sizes. Beautiful solid oak registers are unfinished so you can match them to any home interior.

Our price: $29.40
Large Wood Floor Returns - Unfinished Wood Floor Grille
Master SKU: 37-0018##
Large wood floor returns are crafted from 100% oak. Our wood floor grilles will arrive unfinished allowing you to stain them to match existing wood. We have sizes 8 x 10, 8 x 12 and 8 x 14 available. Please note, the wood floor returns do not have a damper to control airflow.

Our price: $50.39
High Output Flush Wood Vent - Red Oak
Master SKU: 64-0001#
Sturdy Red Oak High-Output Flush Mount Floor Vents in nine sizes. Order before floor is laid.

Our price: $29.40
High Output Flush Wood Vent - White Oak
Master SKU: 64-0020#
These White Oak Flush Mount Floor Registers are the High-Output design. This energy efficient register will allow for 30% more air flow into your room.

Our price: $29.40
High Output Flush Wood Vent - Maple
Master SKU: 64-0011#
Buy High-Output Maple Flush Mount Floor Registers for your uninstalled maple floor. Stain to match. The two-directional slats allow air to flow in two separate directions.

Our price: $42.00
High Output Flush Wood Vent - Brazillian Cherry
Master SKU: 64-0040#
This High-Output Brazilian Cherry Flush Mount Floor Vent is made in the USA. High output design allows for 30% more air flow.

Our price: $51.29
High Output Flush Wood Vent - American Cherry
Master SKU: 64-0031#
High-Output American Cherry Flush Mount Floor Register is designed to be installed while floor is being layed. Streamlined damper sits against the underside of register.

Our price: $39.90
Unfinished Wood Baseboard Returns - Red or White Oak
Master SKU: 64-0076
Unfinished wood baseboard returns available in red or white oak and 9 sizes. These oak return air grilles feature a traditional slotted design.

Our price: $56.59
Custom Baseboard Cover - Unfinished Wood Baseboard Vents
Master SKU: 64-0025#
Custom baseboard covers in unfinished red oak, including hard-to-find-lengths like 12 inches and 30 inches. These unfinished wood baseboard vents feature a classic slotted design. Available in 5 common sizes and an option for customizable lengths, depths and height.

Our price: $79.29
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