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Tile Transfers


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Blue Fruit Bowl Tile Transfer - 4 x 8 Sheet
Master SKU: KB-2008
This is the perfect way to give your tiles that embossed look and feel without the added expense and hassle of purchasing pre-embossed tile

Our price: $3.89
Kids Bathroom Tile Decal - 3 x 9 Sheet
Master SKU: PC-3004
Try this product instead of purchasing expensive pre-embossed tile for your redecorating needs.

Our price: $3.49
Large Pink Flower Tile Decals - 8 x 8 Sheet
Master SKU: 6014-C
Decorate your tiles, mirrors, mugs, windows, and other smooth surfaces with these embossed tile transfers.

Our price: $8.89
Large Tulip Tile Transfer - 8 x 8 Sheet
Master SKU: 6017-C
Try this product to give your home a fresh, new look! These embossed tile transfers give your tiles the look of having an embossed image, without the expense.

Our price: $8.89
Pink Flower Tile Decals - 4 x 4 Sheets
Master SKU: 6014-A
Add a bit of style to your bathroom with these pink flower tile transfers.

Our price: $7.89
Pink Tone Fish Ceramic Decal - 4 x 8 Sheet
Master SKU: KB-2023
Try these ceramic decals on your tiling to create a creative decoration which all your guests and family can enjoy. These tile transfers look like embossed tile, but are actually durable rub-on stickers, so you get the look without the price.

Our price: $3.89
Tulip Tile Transfer - 4 x 4 Sheets
Master SKU: 6015-A
These tulip tile transfers are the perfect way to give tile the feel of an embossed image without requiring you to spend large sums of money. Beautiful design adds a graceful touch to any room!

Our price: $7.89
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