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Wicanders Flooring


Wicanders Power Polish Floor Care
Master SKU: 35-0051#
Wicanders Power Polish is part of the Wicanders Floor Care System. Keep your floors looking like new!

Our price: $35.29
Wicanders Power Strip Floor Care
Master SKU: 35-0050#
Use Wicanders Power Strip to remove Power Polish or for intense stains on your Wicanders Floors. Keep your flooring investment looking its best for many years.

Our price: $27.09
Wicanders Spray Cleaner Floor Care
Master SKU: 35-0040#
Wicanders Spray Cleaner is part of the Wicanders Floor Care System. This product cleans floors hygenically without leaving streaks or spots on your Wicanders floors.

Our price: $18.09