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Wools of New Zealand

Woolclean products from Wools of New Zealand provide superior wool carpet and rug care. Use Woolclean products like Natural Spotter, Absorb It, and the Woolclean Carpet Spot Removal Kit to get your wool carpets, rugs, upholstery, and other natural fiber items looking great.

Woolclean Carpet Spot Removal Kit is a great item to have on hand because it comes with 3 different types of carpet spot remover. Woolclean Carpet Spot Removal Kit will help you take care of a variety of stains without damaging precious natural fibers.

Order your Woolclean products today and have them on hand to help clean wool carpets and rugs.


WoolClean Carpet Spot Removal Kit
Master SKU: 59-0025#
As seen in Real Simple magazine. Wool Clean carpet spot removal kit. These products were designed specifically for wool carpets and rugs; however, they also perform exceptionally well on other kinds of carpet fibers.

Our price: $44.99
WoolClean Natural Spotter
Master SKU: 59-0026#
Wool Clean Natural Spotter is an environmentally responsible, all natural wool cleaner safe for use on carpet, upholstery, and clothing.

Our price: $11.39
Wool Clean Absorb It Powder
Master SKU: 59-0027#
As seen in Real Simple magazine! Treat your wool carpets with professional care.

Our price: $27.99