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The sport of hockey was recently rated as one of the stinkiest sports. To any hockey parent, this should come as no surprise. Being a more expensive sport with all the pads, gloves and jerseys needed, purchasing new equipment each year is not an option. Installerstore has a more economical (and safe) option to rid your hockey pads from the stink!

Check out the GREAT line of Deodorizer products offered on Installerstore! Products so powder they remove the lingering smell, but safe enough to use around children and pets.

And if you purchase any odor eliminating product during the month of September, you will instantly Save 5%. NO COUPON CODE NEEDED! The 5% discount will automatically apply during checkout.  No other discount or coupon code can be applied to the Deodorizer products.  The 5% discount can only be applied to products in the Deodorizer Category on Installerstore.com.

Eliminate HOckey Equipment Odor