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AC Draftshield - Plastic Vent Covers

AC Draftshield - Plastic Vent Covers
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AC Draft Shield Vent Cover to Seal Air Registers and Vents

AC Draft Shield vent cover will seal Central Air/Heat vents during months that these systems are not in use.  AC Draft Shield vent cover is an efficient and economical way to save money on energy costs.  This vent cover is constructed of durable, recycled plastic, and can be reused for years without any special storage or handling.  AC Draft Shield creates a vacuum molded air seal, effectively eliminating heat loss by encapsulating central air conditioning registers and vents.  Its insulating seal prevents air flow and drafts that cannot be blocked by closing register louvers alone.  The plastic vent cover will also prevent heat loss through A/C duct work, wall and window units, making your heating and cooling systems more efficient at keeping your home a comfortable temperature.   

AC Draft Shield vent cover can also be effectively used during remodeling, to create a seal against airborne debris into or out of vents and ducts.  By completely closing this air system, insecticides, construction dust, chemical odors, debris and other contaminants will not spread from room to room.  This makes the AC Draft Shield vent cover an effective, multi-purpose tool, which can be used in both residential and commercial applications. 

AC Draft Shield vent cover features easy installation, requiring no tools.  This vent cover will install in seconds, and come packaged with all mounting instructions and necessary hardware.

Seal your home with recycled plastic AC Draft Shield vent covers to dramatically reduce heating/cooling bills, while doing your part to help reduce energy consumption.  Use this environmentally responsible solution to make a difference for your family and the environment by ordering today!  

AC Draft Shield Vent Cover Uses

  • To dramatically reduce residential and commercial fuel costs during winter and summer months
  • Prevent heat loss through A/C duct work
  • Protect A/C conduits from mold caused by the escape of heated, moist air
  • Increase A/C and heating efficiency while reducing refrigerant and heating costs
  • To prevent debris from spreading during duct cleaning, construction, or restoration work
  • To provide a complete seal to eliminate the transfer of chemical odors/vapors and insecticides from room to room

When ordering an AC Draft Shield please note the measurement of the Draft Shield refers to the inside measurements of the vent cover, and the seal of the vent cover will sit just outside the given measurement.

PDF Instructions on how to install AC Draft Shield onto your vents.

Plastic Vent Cover Available Sizes:

Select one of the following sizes from the drop down menu below: 12 x 12, 14 x 14, 24 x 24**

**Please note the 24x24 size will drop ship direct from the manufacturer.

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