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Air Deflector Extension Sleeve

Air Deflector Extension Sleeve

Extend Air Deflectors with the Deflect-O #67 Extension Sleeve

Deflecto-o brand air deflector extension sleeve will help to you conserve energy in your home. This clear plastic air deflector will work with model #52, our deflector with dust filter and also with model #53, our baseboard register deflector. The air deflector extension sleeve will adjust and extend these two models by 12 more inches! If you need to lengthen deflectors further than this, simply buy more sleeves since they are so easy to attach. Buy now and you will be saving money with these in no time! Product will ship straight to your door for one low cost. This air deflector extension sleeve is not to be used on radiant baseboard registers.

Extends: 12 inches
Deflect-O Model: #67
Material: Clear Polycarbonite
Melting Temperature: approx. 325 F

This sleeve is not compatible with these models:
Item # 25-0001: Deflecto Model #99
Item # 25-0009: Deflecto Model #51

Master SKU 25-0002#
Our price: $4.99
Air Deflector Extension Sleeve
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