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Air Deflector for Sidewall Vents / Registers

Air Deflector for Sidewall Vents / Registers
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Sidewall Register Air Deflector by Deflect-O

Try a new plastic air deflector to help save on energy costs. You can use this clear plastic deflector with your sidewall registers or wall vents. Deflect-o model #51 will either direct air up or straight down. It is held in place with screws on both sides and it can be adjusted between 10 to 16 inches. Order a Deflect-o air deflector and see what a difference it can make in your home. This air deflector is not to be used on Radiant Baseboard registers.

Adjustable Air Deflector Highlights

  • Directs forced air for comfortable, circulated air flow
  • Powerful magnets keep air deflector secured
  • Features molded screw slots for easy mounting

Wall Vent Deflector Additional Details:

Item #: 25-0009
Deflect-O Model #51
Material: Clear Polycarbonite
Melting Temperature: approx. 325F
Magnets: Permanent
Adjustable: 10-16 inches

Air Deflector for Sidewall Registers

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Master SKU 25-0009#
Our price: $13.19
Air Deflector for Sidewall Vents / Registers
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