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Bostik - Colored Urethane Grout

TruColor Colored Urethane Grout

Buy TruColor premixed colored urethane grout in 9 or 18 lb buckets. These easy to use colored urethane grouts are self-sealing, stain resistant, and semi-flexible. All 20 TruColor colored urethane grout colors are sold here. Order today!

Benefits Include:

  • Stain Resistant
  • Does not contain cement, epoxy, or pigment (except #120 High White & White H152)
  • Low shrinkage, highly crack resistant
  • Self sealing
  • Safe for indoor, outdoors and high-moisture areas
  • Use on tile and stone on floors and walls




Blaze Urethane Grout Cleaner
Master SKU: 53-0526
Blaze Urethane Grout Cleaner is the perfect cleaner to use when cleaning up urethane grout haze.

Our price: $31.79
Bostik TruColor Pre-Mixed Grout
Master SKU: TruColorH152#
Find 20 colors of urethane grout in Bostik TruColor pre-mixed grout. Choose from a 9 or 18 lb bucket to fit your needs.

Our price: $99.99