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Bostik Dimension Grout & Blaze Grout Cleaner

Innovative, specially designed grout and grout cleaner from Bostik. Find dimension reflective pre-mixed grout to tackle even your toughest home projects. Grout is resistant to cracking, stains, mold and mildew. Use Blaze urethane cleaner on grout haze for best results. Ready to use products for reduced installation time. Bostik is a leading global adhesive specialist focused on developing the highest quality sealing and bonding solutions. Products are safe, efficient and responsive making for a great grouting experience.

Bostik Dimension Grout Highlights

  • Premixed urethane crack-resistant colored grout
  • Quick and easy installation
  • For interior and exterior applications

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Blaze Urethane Grout Cleaner
(0 reviews)  
Master SKU: 53-0526
Blaze Urethane Grout Cleaner is the perfect product for cleaning up urethane grout haze. Environmentally friendly and easy to use cleaner works fast.

Our price: $45.99
Bostik Dimension Reflective Grout - 18lb Buckets
(0 reviews)  
Master SKU: 18-H600#
Bostik Dimension Reflective Grout. A non-shrink urethane formula that resists cracking. Dimension is pre-mixed, ready to use, urethane based sanded grout. Start your home project out right.

Our price: $249.99
Bostik Dimension Reflective Grout - 9lb Buckets
(0 reviews)  
Master SKU: 9-H600#
Grout for all your home improvement needs! Bostik Dimension Urethane Grout is pre-mixed and ready to use. Reflective grout is mold, mildew and crack resistant.

Our price: $143.99
Bostik TruColor Pre-Mixed Grout
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Master SKU: TruColorH152#
Find 20 colors of urethane grout in Bostik TruColor pre-mixed formula. Choose from a 9 or 18 lb bucket to fit your needs. Urethane grout requires no sealing and will not fade.

Our price: $112.99