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Cal-Flor Chip Cure Repair Putty

Cal-Flor Chip Cure Repair Putty

ChipCure Wood Filler - Furniture Repair Putty

Cal-Flor wood filler is a must have repair putty to keep on hand. This latex furniture repair putty dries hard, but can still expand and contract with the changing material. There are five colors available so you can match to  your surface. You can even mix putty colors to get even more matches.

ChipCure repair putty directions are a breeze. Simply clean area, fill damaged area and wipe away excess. Clean up any excess putty with water. Color of the wood filler will darken as it dries.

Wood & Laminate Floor Filler Highlights

  • Easy-to-use
  • Latex furniture repair putty
  • Remains flexible after drying
  • Applies smooth
  • Use on floors, furniture and countertops
Appropriate for wood, laminate, tile and vinyl surfaces.

Wood & Laminate Floor Filler Come in Several Color Options:

Item #  Putty Color
22-0021 Oak
22-0022 Maple
22-0023 Walnut
22-0024 Mahogany
22-0025 Cherry
Chip Cure Wood Filler Colors - Laminate Floor Filler

Repair chips, dings and dents from your floors, furniture and countertops today with the Cal-Flor wood filler.

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