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Cal-Flor Color Seal Expansion Joint Sealant

Cal-Flor Color Seal Expansion Joint Sealant
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Cal-Flor For Filling Nail Holes in Wood - Door Jamb Filler

This floor gap filler was created for the do-it-yourselfer. There is no caulk gun needed for this sealant. The water-based acrylic latex formula is non-toxic but also water and mildew resistant. The ColorSeal stays flexible after drying, which makes it great for filling gaps in floors and doorways. Feel confident in using this product to fill nail holes in wood and trim. The long lasting door jamb filler is made in the USA and is available in six popular colors to coordinate with any project. Sold in a 5.5 oz fluid ounce squeeze tube.

Expansion Joint Sealant Coverage (each 5.5 fl oz squeeze tube):

5/32" bead - approximately 26 lineal feet
5/16" bead - approximately 19 lineal feet

Specially formulated for use on wood, tile, laminate and vinyl floors, furniture or countertops.

Cal-Flor Color Seal Instructions

  1. Clean surfaces carefully.
  2. Cut tip to desired bead thickness.
  3. Apply a continuous bead of floor gap filler in the area to be sealed.
  4. Press the bead firmly down on the surface, nail hole, expansion joint or gap.
  5. Remove excess with a damp cloth, finger or caulk finisher tool.
  6. Replace cap or caulk saver tool for future use.

Please note: color may first appear lighter, but will dry darker.

Floor Gap Filler Comes in Several Color Options:

Item #  Putty Color
22-0026 Gray (not shown below)
22-0027 Cherry
22-0028 ***Walnut
22-0029 ***Mahogany
22-0030 ***Oak
22-0031 ***Maple
ColorSeal Floor Gap Filler - Expansion Joint Sealant

***The Walnut, Mahogany, Oak & Maple Color Seal are out of stock until Late August/Early September

Purchase this ready-to-use floor gap filler and complete the finishing touches on your installation projects.

We offer a complete line of Cal-Flor repair products. Browse and stock up for all of your repair needs!

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