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Cal-Flor Floor Cleaner and Polish - Satin or Gloss

Cal-Flor Floor Cleaner and Polish - Satin or Gloss

Cal-Flor Floor Cleaner & Polish - Soft Satin or Bright Gloss Finish

Cal-Flor Single-Step Cleaner & Polish in one! This cleaner/polish duo is available in soft satin and bright glossy finish. The single step floor polish is a water-based, low-odor formula that also protects floor seams and joints from water damage.

Cal-Flor Floor Cleaner and Polish Highlights:
  • Protects floors against scuffs and scratches
  • Satin or gloss finish rejuvenates dull floors
  • Designed for easy use
  • Biodegradable with clean scent, no VOC's
  • Made in the USA
  • Can be used on: wood, tile, stone and vinyl (LVT) flooring

This floor polish covers approximately 750 square feet per 24 oz bottle.

Single Step Floor Polish Directions:
  1. Thoroughly clean floor 2-3 times using a standard floor cleaner. Stains, scuff marks, grit, oil or other contaminates should be removed. Stains or spots that have not been removed prior to application of this product will be permanently embedded into your floor!
  2. Shake bottle to mix. Apply a small amount in an "S" shape pattern and spread immediately using a clean, damp sponge mop. Apply thin coats only.
  3. Mop evenly in the direction of the wood grain. Press liquid into stubborn areas. Do not walk on wet areas.
  4. Avoid large puddles, thicker areas, or uneven mopping. Rinse mop often with clean water.

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