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Cal-Flor FloorFix - Wood Floor Repair

Cal-Flor FloorFix - Wood Floor Repair
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FloorFix Wood Floor Repair - Cal-Flor Mix2Match

Fast repair for wood and laminate floors or furniture by Cal-Flor. Color matching formulas for 9 colors included. Unlimited color combinations available in this economical and effective kit. FloorFix dries quickly and is wax-free. Kit includes putty, 3 tinting colors, mixing spatula, graining brush and mixing board.

Wood Floor Repair Instructions

  1. See formula chart inside the package.
    • Choose the formula that best matches your repair.
    • To match the formula colors shown, squeeze out two lines of putty onto the mixing board using the reference lines (2 1/2" each).
    • Shake tints well, then add the listed amount of tint drops into the mixing bowl, mixing thoroughly with the mixing stick until an even color is achieved.
    • Dip the tip of the stick into the tint mix to add the listed amount of tint drops into the putty. Use spatula to work putty until color is even.
    • To adapt formula to match wood that is darker than the formula color, continue to add small amounts of tint mix until desired color is achieved.
      Please Note: Final mixture will darken significantly as it dries.
    • The mixture can be made lighter by adding more putty to the formula.
    • To achieve very light colors, take a small amount of the mixture, then add fresh putty until the desired lightness is achieved.
  2. Apply with spatula, slightly overfilling the affected area of repair. Scrape off any surrounding excess with spatula. Allow to dry for at least 1 hour. Deeper repairs take longer to dry.
  3. Cover excess mixture with plastic wrap to preserve for a second application if needed.
  4. When the filler is dry, gently rub the excess filler and surrounding area with a damp cloth until the repair is smooth.
  5. If shrinkage occurs, reapply the mixture.
  6. Once the repair is completely dry, carefully apply a thin coat of included lacquer just to the repaired area using the brush.
Graining texture can also be achieved. Full instructions on how to give your surface the graining texture included with package.

Cal-Flor FloorFix can be used on:

  • All Wood Flooring
  • Laminate Flooring
  • Furniture
Match the scratch with Cal-Flor FloorFix Kit! Provides up to four different types of repairs on four different surfaces per kit.

Video Instructions for Cal-Flor FloorFix:

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Cal-Flor FloorFix - Wood Floor Repair
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