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Cal-Flor Tile Repair Kit - Mix 2 Match TileFix

Cal-Flor Tile Repair Kit - Mix 2 Match TileFix

Cal-Flor Tile Repair Kit - Mix 2 Match TileFix

Quick and easy tile repair with the Cal-Flor TileFix kit. Almost any ceramic tile, marble, concrete, or stone can be matched with this handy kit. This tile repair kit includes formulas for 18 colors, and even subtle tones can be matched. This easy-to-use tile repair kit dries quickly and is wax-free. The Cal-Flor TileFix kit can be used on tile, stone, marble, concrete, vinyl and wood.

Tile Repair Kit Includes:
  • Putty
  • 7 tints
  • Mixing spatula
  • Graining bowl
  • Bowl
  • Mixing board
Before using the tile repair kit, make sure all surfaces are clean and free from dust and dirt. Shake all bottles thoroughly before use.

Cal-Flor TilFix Instructions:
  1. Refer to included color formula chart included in package.
    • Choose the color that best matches the repair area.
    • Measure the required amount of putty onto the mixing board by using the reference lines and then add the required amount of tint drops to the putty using the mixing stick, mixing thoroughly until an even color is achieved.
    • The colors can be made lighter or darker by adding more or less putty or by adding the white tint to your mixture.
    • To achieve very light colors, add 1/3 to 1/4 to the mixture, to the neutral putty until the desired color is achieved.
  2. Apply with spatula, slightly overfilling the affected area of repair. Scrape off any excess with spatula. Allow to dry for 2-3 hours.
  3. When the mixture is dry, gently rub away the excess to the surrounding area with a damp cloth until the surface is smooth.
  4. If shrinkage occurs, re-apply the above formulation.
  5. Once the repair is completely dry, apply included clear lacquer over the area using the brush.
You can even create a graining or marble effect with this kit. Instructions to do this are included with the tile repair kit.

Short Instructional Video for Tile Repair:

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Tile Repair Kit - Cal-Flor TileFix
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