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Cal-Flor - VinylFix, Tile Repair, Scratch Away & Click Seal

Cal-Flor offers effective, high quality maintenance products at an affordable price. Maintain your home today with VinylFix, Tile Repair, Scratch Away, Click Seal & more. See the difference these premium products can make.

Cal-Flor Scratch Repair & Click Seal Highlights

  • Complete line of high quality maintenance products
  • For use on multiple hard surfaces
  • Effective and easy-to-use

Find more Flooring Repair products to get your home back to its best. Place your order today!

Cal-Flor Butcher Block Conditioner
(0 reviews)  
Master SKU: 22-0037
Butcher block conditioner contains natural wax to protect wood surfaces from moisture and stains. This wood cutting board care product is food-grade and has a pleasant lemon scent. Sold in a 12 oz bottle.

Our price: $10.39
Cal-Flor Butcher Block Oil
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Master SKU: 22-0036
Protect your wood products with Cal-Flor butcher block oil. Sold in a 12 oz bottle. This effective mineral oil is colorless, odorless and won't interfere with the flavor of food.

Our price: $9.49
Cal-Flor Chip Cure Repair Putty
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Master SKU: 22-0021#
Easy-to-use repair putty for chips, dings and dents. This wood filler applies smooth and isn't sandy or sticky. Use as a wood, laminate, tile or vinyl floor repair. Choose from 5 colors in a 30 gram container.

Our price: $4.75
Cal-Flor Color Seal Expansion Joint Sealant
(0 reviews)  
Master SKU: 22-0030

Cal-Flor ColorSeal floor gap filler is a revolutionary expansion joint sealant. With six different color options, you will surely find your match. Sold in an easy-to-use 5.5 fl oz tube.

Our price: $9.99
Cal-Flor Eco Clean Floor Cleaner - All Surface Cleaner
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Master SKU: 22-0007#
Cal-Flor Eco Clean floor cleaner leaves floors spotless without rinsing. This biodegradable, non-toxic cleaner is safe and effective. Available in a 32oz ready-to-use spray and 8oz concentrated formula.

Our price: $12.99
Cal-Flor Film Free Adhesive Remover
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Master SKU: 22-0012
Cal-Flor Film Free effectively removes glue and film from most hard surface flooring. This go-to adhesive remover is available in a ready-to-use 12 oz spray.

Our price: $5.49
Cal-Flor Floor Cleaner and Polish - Satin or Gloss
(0 reviews)  
Master SKU: 22-0010#
Cal-Flor Single-Step Cleaner & Polish in one! This cleaner/polish duo is available in a soft satin or bright glossy finish. Covers approximately 750 square feet per 24 oz bottle.

Our price: $13.15
Cal-Flor FloorFix - Wood Floor Repair
(0 reviews)  
Master SKU: 22-0002
Fast repair for wood and laminate floors or furniture by Cal-Flor. FloorFix wood repair kit includes color matching formulas for 9 colors. Dries quickly and is wax-free.

Our price: $19.99
Cal-Flor Scratch Away - Masks Wood Scratches
(0 reviews)  
Master SKU: 22-0001#
Mask surface scratches on your pre-finished wood countertops, furniture and laminate flooring. This safe and easy-to-use scratch masking treatment comes in two convenient sizes.

Our price: $5.25
Cal-Flor ScratchCure - Floor Scratch Repair Pens
(0 reviews)  
Master SKU: 22-0013
Easily cover scratches on wood furniture or floors. ScratchCure is available in 5 colors and is sold in a convenient 1 oz repair pen. For use on multiple hard surfaces.

Our price: $10.99
Cal-Flor Tile Repair Kit - Mix 2 Match TileFix
(0 reviews)  
Master SKU: 22-0005
Experience quick and easy tile repair with Cal-Flor TileFix kit. Almost any ceramic tile, marble, concrete or stone can be matched with the wide range of colors available.

Our price: $24.99
Cal-Flor Vinyl Repair Kit - Mix 2 Match VinylFix
(0 reviews)  
Master SKU: 22-0006
Cal-Flor Mix2Match VinylFix repairs damage to all vinyl looks including stone, slate, ceramic and more. Virtually any color flooring can be matched with this great kit.

Our price: $24.99
Cal-Flor Click Seal - Floor Joint Sealant
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Master SKU: 22-0011
Cal-Flor Click Seal joint sealant for laminate and wood floors. Protects the core of click flooring from moisture and water damage. Also guards against joint swelling.

Our price: $11.49
Cal-Flor Floating Floor Installation Kit
(0 reviews)  
Master SKU: 31-0008#
Make installing your own floating floor a breeze with this Cal-Flor installation kit. Ideal for laminate and wood flooring. Get professional results today.

Our price: $14.99