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Capture Deep Cleaner, Stain Remover & Cleaning Kit

Capture features professional cleaning products at an affordable price. The convenient cleaning kit, pretreatment spot remover and pet stain and odor neutralizer are just a few of the amazing products Capture has to offer. See the difference it can make in your home.  

Capture Carpet Cleaner Highlights

  • Convenient and ready to use
  • Effective formula for everyday use
  • Professional results at a low price

We have a wide range of Carpet Cleaners available for all your carpet cleaning needs. Place your order today!

Capture Carpet And Rug Dry Cleaning Kit
(0 reviews)  
Master SKU: 27-0017#
Now your vacuum can keep your carpets fresh and clean without steaming or shampooing. Capture Carpet Cleaner does not need scrubbing - simply vacuum up the cleaning powder.

Our price: $39.89
Capture Dry Deep Cleaning Powder for Carpet
(0 reviews)  
Master SKU: 27-0011#
Capture Deep Cleaning Powder for Carpets will clean your floors with ease. Remove dander, pollen, and allergens.

Our price: $31.49
Capture Spot Eliminator - Carpet Cleaner
(0 reviews)  
Master SKU: 27-0016#
Capture Spot Eliminator is an effective on grease and oil carpet stains. Use this product to remove tough stains such as makeup, ink, oil, and shoe polish.

Our price: $10.49
Capture Pre-Mist Carpet Pretreatment and Spot Remover
(0 reviews)  
Master SKU: 27-0013#

Capture Pre-Mist Pretreatment and Spot Remover will loosen dirt, allergens, pollen and more from your carpet. Use with Capture Carpet and Rug Dry Cleaner for professional results.

Our price: $10.49
Capture Spot and Stain Remover for Carpet
(0 reviews)  
Master SKU: 27-0015#
Capture Spot and Stain Remover is ideal for everyday clean-ups. Remove those tough stains - order today!

Our price: $12.59
Capture Pet Stain and Odor Neutralizer
(0 reviews)  
Master SKU: 27-0014#
Get your toughest pet stains out with Capture Pet Stain and Odor Neutralizer.

Our price: $14.69