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Caulk-EZ Caulk Tooling Aid

Caulk-EZ Caulk Tooling Aid
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Perfect Caulk Line - Smoothing Caulk

Get the perfect caulk line in just seconds when you spray on this Caulk-EZ solution and wipe the bead with your finger. Smoothing caulk is made easy for homeowners and for professionals alike. This water based solution will work on any surface and with any caulk. Caulk-EZ will produce a perfect caulk line without the mess and will not stain your surfaces or caulk. This smoothing caulk product is non flammable and is odorless. You can use it indoors or outside.

For perfect caulk lines, this 2.5 oz spray should be lightly misted onto caulk, helping to create a slippery exterior for you to smooth without smearing the caulk. When smoothing caulk with your finger, any excess will wipe up quickly and won't stick to any adjoining surfaces. This tool for perfect caulk lines won't slow down any cure time for your caulk and also will not hinder paintable caulks from being painted. Cut down the time smoothing caulk takes and make finishing counter tops and sinks looking great with this convenient spray!

Smoothing Caulk Highlights

  • Achieve a perfect caulk line without mess
  • Works on all types of caulk
  • Will not slow down cure time
  • Sprays on clear and won't stain
  • Water based, non flammable product
  • Covers up to 8 tubes of 10 oz caulk or 250 ft
  • 2.5 oz odorless spray application

Full PDF instructions for CAULK-EZ. Step-by-step instructions on how to achieve a perfect bead of caulk.

Perfect Caulk Line Directions:

  • Before smoothing caulk, apply a thin bead to the joint line
  • Next, spray mist about 4 to 6 inches away from caulk
  • Lastly, with medium pressure, use finger or caulk tool to smooth out
  • Any excess caulk will wipe up quickly

Use this perfect caulk line spray with any of our colored caulks to get your tiled surfaces looking seamless.

Smoothing caulk will take half the time when using this Caulk-EZ product so order it today!

Material Safety Data Sheet for Caulk EZ Spray.

Material Safety Data Sheet for All Caulk Strips.

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CAULK-EZ - Get the perfect bead of caulk
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