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Caulk Saver Tool

Caulk Saver Tool
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Caulk Saver Tool

Great Price on Caulking Tool for Partially Used Tubes of Caulk. Use Caulk Savers to prolong the shelf life of partially used tubes of caulk, silicone, adhesive, and grease. This caulking tool works on adhesive tubes also! Save open or used tubes by keeping air away from the opened product. Caulk Saver extends caulk life and allows you to store these products until you need them again. This tool pays for itself after only one use!

Easy Caulking Tool Instructions:

  • Cut tube stem, puncture membrane.
  • Screw Caulk Saver into stem 3-4 times until it seats firmly.
  • Unscrew Caulk Saver when you are ready to use the product
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Caulk Saver Tool
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