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Caulk Strips

Caulk Strips by Homax and Magic Counter Trim and Bath Strips

Caulkstrips for bath tub, counter, wall, and floor. Magic and Homax brand caulk strips. Sealing trim is easy to apply. This is a no mess, no fuss caulk on a roll.


CornerTape Caulk and Silicone Preparation Wipes
Master SKU: 31-0011
Surface Preparation Wipes from CornerTape. Prep and clean your surfaces before applying CornerTape and silicone caulking. Available in 4 pack and 20 pack sizes.

Our price: $2.99
Homax Bathtub Sealer Trim
Master SKU: 15-0038#
Use Homax Bathtub Sealer Trim for a water-tight seal. Pre-shaped strip with adhesive backing. Just unroll, measure desired length, cut, place into position, and press.

Our price: $5.99