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Cleaning Mops & Pads


Heavy Duty Aluminum Microfiber Mop Set
Master SKU: 27-2000#
Our heavy duty mop can be used for vigorous cleaning on any hard surface floor. This aluminum mop comes with a microfiber dust mop pad and cleaning pad.

Our price: $24.99
Libman #16 Cut End Cotton Wet Mop
Master SKU: 66-0021
A very versatile and effective mop head for everyday cleaning.

Our price: $8.09
Libman 12 oz Looped End Wet Mop Refill w/ Scrub Pad
Master SKU: 66-0016

Large mop head with a scrubbing pad that is perfect for an easy clean on tough messes

Our price: $7.19
Libman 18" Microfiber Wet/Dry Mop Refill
Master SKU: 66-0009

Microfiber mop head refill for either wet or dry floors.

Our price: $7.49
Libman 18" x 9" Microfiber Duster Mop Refill
Master SKU: 66-0010

Large machine washable microfiber dusting pad.

Our price: $10.49
Libman 24" Dust Mop Refill
Master SKU: 66-0011

Great home dusting mop made of 100% cotton with fringes for extra dust pick up.

Our price: $14.29
Libman 36" Dust Mop Refill
Master SKU: 66-0012

Large 100% cotton dusting mop great for commercial floors.

Our price: $16.49
Libman Antibacterial Wet Mop
Master SKU: 66-0024

This is a large antibacterial wet mop perfect for frequnt cleaning where disinfection is of the uptmost importance.

Our price: $13.59
Libman Large Blue Blend Wet Mop
Master SKU: 66-0022

Libmans Blue Blend Mop Head is looped to provide less streaking for a easier more through clean.

Our price: $11.99
Libman Large Cotton Looped End Wet Mop Refill
Master SKU: 66-0020

A large durable super absorbent mop head helps reduce streaks and is conveniently machine washable.

Our price: $10.49
Libman Large Gator Mop Refill
Master SKU: 66-0018

Large super absorbent sponge mop that is tear resistant.

Our price: $7.69
Libman Microfiber Gator Mop Refill
Master SKU: 66-0019

The Libman Gator Microfiber mop sponge helps with a easier and faster and more thorough clean.  

Our price: $7.99
Libman Tornado Mop Refill
Master SKU: 66-0015

High quality easily changeable mop head with tangle and odor prevention.

Our price: $8.99
Libman Wonder Mop Refill
Master SKU: 66-0014

This Wonder Mop can be machine washed every each use up to 50 times for reuse!

Our price: $7.49
Terry Cloth Mop Covers 8 x 15 - 2 Pack Sh-Wipe
Master SKU: 19-0007#
Economical 2 pack of 8" x 15" Sh-Wipe terry cloth mop covers. Elastic band keeps mop cover snug on mophead. Fits Bona 8" x 15" floor mop.

Our price: $10.29
Sh Mop w/ Terry Cloth Cover - 8 x 15 and Telescopic Mop Handle
Master SKU: 19-0001

Effectively clean your hard surface floors with the Sh Mop terry cloth mop. Each terry cloth mop comes with an 8x15 mop head and telescoping handle. The included washable terry cloth mop head cover means you get hundreds of cleaning sessions.

Our price: $29.89
Sh Mop Sh Wipe Terry Cloth Mop Cover - 8 x 15
Master SKU: 19-0002#
This is the terry cloth mop replacement covers for the popular Sh Mop. The machine washable terry cloth mop cover with elastic band fits the 8 x 15 Sh Mop head. This terry cloth mop cover is sturdy enough to last hundreds of washings.

Our price: $5.79
Sh Micro Wet or Dry Mop Pad - 8 x 15
Master SKU: 19-0004#
Sh Mop microfiber mop pads can be used for wet or dry cleaning of hard surface floors. These elastic Sh Mop covers are made to be used with Sh Mop or any 8x15 mop head. Purchase this microfiber dust mop and wet mop covers and reuse hundreds of times!

Our price: $6.19
IS Blue Microfiber Mop Cover 5 x 14
Master SKU: 59-0051
New! 5 inch x 14 inch blue microfiber replacement mop cover for our new 5 inch x 14 inch mops. Keep your floors looking great with the cleaning power of this blue microfiber mop pad.

Our price: $5.49
IS Yellow Microfiber Dusting Pad 5 x 14
Master SKU: 59-0053

New! 5 inch x 14 inch yellow microfiber dusting pad. This mop pad's large surface area will make cleaning a breeze.

Our price: $5.99
Pallmann Microfiber Cleaning Pad 4 x 15
Master SKU: 27-0301#
Our Pallmann Microfiber Mop Pad is designed to wipe out any stain that stands in your way. This wood floor mop comes in a 4 x 15 size and can be used on cork and parquet floors as well.

Our price: $10.99
Pallmann Microfiber Dusting Pad 4 x 15
Master SKU: 27-0302#
This dry mop made by Pallmann has charged fibers which will attract dust particles instantly. This microfiber dusting mop is also designed to collect allergens from the air, making your home a more breathable space.

Our price: $10.99
Mannington Microfiber Mop Pad 4 x 15
Master SKU: 14-0000#
Use this as a replacement mop pad for the Mannington 4" x 15" Microfiber Mop and works well to clean floors, whether you use it wet or dry.

Our price: $14.99
Armstrong Terry Cloth Mop Cover - 8x15
Master SKU: 35-0052#
Armstrong terry cloth refill cover fit on any 8 x 15 mop base.

Our price: $12.29
Bona Dusting Pad 4 x 15
Master SKU: 27-0072#
Bona Dusting Pads are pefect for dust mopping your hard surface and hardwood floors.

Our price: $10.99
Pallmann Hardwood Floor Cleaner - Spray, Concentrate, or Kit
Master SKU: 27-0300#
The ready to use Pallmann Hardwood Floor Cleaner is available to you in a 32 oz spray, gallon concentrate or in a nifty kit! Order any combination today to start your hardwood floor care off right.

Our price: $33.99
Squeaky Cleaner Floor Care System - Basic Coatings
Master SKU: 16-0001#
The Squeaky Floor Care Kit by Basic Coatings will help you keep your hardwood, laminate, and ceramic floors clean and polished to perfection. You will recieve Squeaky Cleaner ready-to-use spray, and a microfiber mop.

Our price: $33.99
Padco 10" Floor Finish Applicator
Master SKU: 27-0008#
Padco floor finish pad works well for appling many floor finishes.

Our price: $9.99