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Clear Sleeve w/ Felt Bottom Chair Leg Floor Protection

Clear Sleeve w/ Felt Bottom Chair Leg Floor Protection

Clear Chair Leg Protectors - Stop Floor Scratches

New! Use clear chair leg protectors to protect wood floors. Perfect for when you want a transparent look on chair legs. Clear portion is a vinyl that can be stretched to fit snug. There is a felt covering on the underside that won't come off. Works best on chairs with straight or nearly straight legs, such as a kitchen chair. Can also be used on a kitchen or dining room table leg. Floor scratches don't have to happen. Protect wood floors by covering the ends of your kitchen chairs and table legs with this affordable option. Clear sleeves come 4 sleeves per pack.

Hint:You may want to either order 1 size larger than the size of your chair leg bottom or apply some sort of lubricant to easily slide sleeve on kitchen chair or table leg.

Available Sizes:
Item # Size Qty Per Pack Price
41-0054 3/4" Round 4 $3.59
41-0055 1" Round 4 $4.99
41-0056 1 1/4" Round 4 $5.49
41-0057 1 1/2" Round 4 $7.59
41-0058 1 3/4" Round 4 $7.99
41-0059 2" Round 4 $11.29
41-0060 2 1/4" Round 4 $12.59
Image of all sizes available in the slip on clear chair leg protectors.

This slip on clear chair leg protector style can also be purchased with a slider bottom for use on carpeted floors.
Master SKU 41-0054#
Our price: $3.59
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