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Clear Sleeve w/ Slider Bottom - Slip On Sliders

Clear Sleeve w/ Slider Bottom - Slip On Sliders
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Clear Slip On Sliders - Furniture Glides for Carpet

Trusted clear sleeve design but with slider, glide bottom! These round slip on furniture sliders come in five common round chair leg sizes. These slip on sliders won't fall off like traditional peel-n-stick adhesive glides. The clear slip on sleeve will look transparent on chair legs, and is stretchy so it will fit snug. The carpet slide bottom won't come off, so it is a perfect choice for kitchen or dining room chairs. Easily slide kitchen chairs in and out, on carpeted flooring. Clear Sleeve slip on sliders are sold in packs of 4.

Clear Sleeve Slider Bottom Highlights

  • Transparent protectors glide over floors with ease
  • Use on carpeted floors throughout your home
  • Sliders won't fall off like traditional glides

Carpet Furniture Glides Available Sizes:

Item # Size Qty Per Pack
41-0070 1" Round 4
41-0071 1 1/4" Round 4
41-0072 1 1/2" Round 4
41-0073 1 3/4" Round 4
41-0074 2" Round 4

Image of all sizes available in the slip on clear carpet sliders

Wondering what size to order? Download the Measuring Tool to confirm or see this helpful image.

Watch the Measuring Tool Video to see how to get an accurate measurement every time. Place your order now!

Hint: You may want to either order 1 size larger than the size of your chair leg bottom or apply some sort of lubricant to easily slide sleeve on kitchen chair or table leg.

This clear slip on design is also available with a felt bottom for use on wood, vinyl and other hard-surfaced floors!

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