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ColorFast Loose Tile Repair Adhesive

ColorFast Loose Tile Repair Adhesive
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ColorFast Loose Tile Repair Adhesive

Fix loose tiles with LTR - Loose Tile Repair by Colorfast. Loose tile adhesive will fix grout that has crumbled or come loose. LTR will re-adhere loose tile without actually removing all the grout or tiles. Simply inject this grout repair and tile adhesive under any loose tile, and it's as good as new! This grout repair formula forms a flexible bond, so it should not be used in shower or wet areas, and should be limited to indoor use. Order today and receive fast shipping directly to your door.

Loose Tile Repair Instructions:

  • Shake LTR well before using
  • Tap tiles lightly with a rubber mallet to determine that the tile has hollow areas.
  • Next, drill into the grout joint around the loose tile with a 1/8" masonry drill bit. Drill down slightly deeper than the thickness of the tile. Drill 4 to 8 holes around the loose tile. Be careful not to drill into the tile.
  • Use a vacuum or shop vac to clean away all dust and debris from holes and surrounding area.
  • Then use a caulk gun to apply the tile adhesive. Insert the tip directly into a drilled hole and inject adhesive with light pressure (if having trouble or in cold weather, soak the LTR tube in 70-90 degree water for 30 minutes). Tap the tile with the rubber mallet. Rotate the caulk gun to the other holes and inject until the adhesive begins to come up through the holes.
  • Clean excess with damp sponge or rag. When done, close the cartridge cap with cap provided.
  • Place a weight, such as a bucket of water, on the reset tile and allow 24-72 hours for adhesive to cure, depending on temperature and humidity.
  • Fill holes in grout with matching caulking or grout.

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ColorFast Loose Tile Repair Adhesive
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