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Congoleum Bright N Easy Polish Remover

Congoleum Bright N Easy Polish Remover

Congoleum Bright N Easy Will Strip Vinyl Floors Easily

Purchase Congoleum Bright N Easy today to help strip vinyl flooring in your home or business. Congoleum Bright N Easy will remove your current finish and is formulated for a deep and powerful cleaning. Being able to strip vinyl flooring has never before been easier than with this floor polish remover. Polish remover by Congoleum will strip vinyl floors on contact quickly with just a few simple steps.

Save time today with Congoleum Bright N Easy in your home as this 32oz size remover is the perfect detergent to dissolve unwanted polish build-up. In this ready to use formula, one can strip vinyl floors without diluting or mixing the product. Allow the polish remover to soak into floor for three minutes before rinsing with clean water and repeating steps until procedure is complete.

The Congoleum Bright N Easy is made in the USA, and is biodegradable and nonflammable. Strip vinyl floors and watch polish build up disappear before your eyes as this maximum strength, non-toxic formula works to cleanse all resilient sheet, tile, and plank flooring.

Congoleum Bright N Easy Directions

  • Use rubber gloves when you strip vinyl floors to protect skin
  • Sweep or vacuum debris before application
  • Apply product on a 4' square area with a sponge mop
  • Soak for 3 - 4 minutes
  • Scrub lightly to release the film
  • Remove the cleaner by using a sponge mop or cloth
  • Use clean water to rinse
  • Work by 4ft sections until room is finished

Congoleum Strip Vinyl Floor Product Highlights

  • Congoleum Bright N Easy is ready to use
  • Comes in 32oz bottle
  • Biodegradable
  • Made in the USA
Also use Congoleum Bright N Easy Floor Polish to add the luster back to your floor.

Try Congoleum Polish Remover in your home or business today to remove unwanted polish.
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Congoleum Bright N Easy Polish Remover
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