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Congoleum Bright n Easy Spray Cleaner

Congoleum Bright n Easy Spray Cleaner
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Vinyl Floor Cleaner - Congoleum Bright n Easy Spray

Get clean vinyl floors today with Congoleum Bright n Easy Spray. This easy to use, efficient, hassle free cleaner isn't just for vinyl floors. You can also use it on Congoleum, resilient sheet, tile, plank floors and more. Congoleum floor cleaner will instantly remove stubborn household dirt on contact. This residue free spray is a great choice for routine cleaning.

One-step Congoleum floor cleaner is a huge time saver. You don't have to dilute or mix the cleaner; it is a ready to use formula. Furthermore, after you clean your floors, there is no need to rinse, saving even more time! You don't need to worry about residue or dulling films when using this cleaner. Congoleum spray will only leave behind clean vinyl floors, a nice mellow lemon scent, and a beautiful shine.

Clean vinyl floors in a snap with the 32 oz. bottle and user friendly sprayer attachment. Congoleum cleaner has a phosphorous free and biodegradable formula. This product is made in the USA.

Directions to Clean Vinyl Floors and More

  • Vacuum or sweep loose dirt
  • Spray Congoleum floor cleaner directly onto floor
  • Use a microfiber mop to clean
  • Wipe back and forth while applying pressure
  • Repeat until done and clean
  • Let dry before walking on

Congoleum Floor Cleaner Hints

  • Spray small areas (4'x6') that you can clean before cleaner dries for best results
  • Replace microfiber pad if dirty to ensure clean floors
  • Machine wash microfiber pad after use and allow to air dry
Congoleum Corporation has other great additions to your floor care regime to choose from.

Order Congoleum floor cleaner today and see how you can get shiny and clean vinyl floors in the blink of an eye!

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