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Cove Base and Transition Strips

Johnsonite Cove Base, Transition Strips, and More

Cove base and flooring transition strips by Johnsonite. Find vinyl wall base in over 36 exciting colors. Vinyl cove base is available in 4 foot sections or coils up to 120 feet. You can also choose from different heights, profiles, and gauges. Additionally available are pre-molded out corners. Call for non-stock color requests.

Carpet Wall Base is available as well. We offer a variety of colors. This carpet wall base is easy to use and is made with a self adhesive backing to make installation a breeze.

Looking for tools to install your cove base or floor transitions? You can find tubes of adhesive, double sided step tape, application tools, and more.            
All Johnsonite product have a lead time of 1-3 weeks (depending on availability). Call 866-258-1554 for an ETA. 

For an even wider variety of Johnsonite Products, please visit our newest website Covebase-N-Transitions.com.
Cove Base and Transitions


Johnsonite Vinyl Wall Base Johnsonite Vinyl Wall Base - Find vinyl wall base in all the most popular colors. We carry both .80 and .125 inch thicknesses. We have 2.5", 4", and 6" cove base to fit a variety of jobs. Vinyl wall base is a great way to finish a room and will help bring a space together. Johnsonite cove base is ideal for both professional and residential applications.
Johnsonite Rubber Wall Base Johnsonite Rubber Wall Base - Finally! Special order rubber cove base in a variety of colors! Sold in one thickness, .125 inch. Find 4 inch height rubber cove base in 4 foot sections and 120 foot sections. Hard-to-find 6" rubber cove base also available in 4 foot sections and 100 foot sections.
Johnsonite Vinyl Transitions Strips Johnsonite Vinyl Transition Strips - This collection of floor transition strips and flooring adapters meet the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act. These are high quality, resilient materials to safely transition from one surface to another. We carry a large selection of colors and styles of flooring transition strips to fit your needs.
Carpet Wall
Carpet Wall Base - Self adhesive in 29 colors to accent your flooring.
Cove Base Installation Tools Cove Base Adhesive & Tools - Order all the tools and adhesive you'll need to complete your project. Choose from a huge selection of Cove Base Adhesive to work with, as well as, handy tools such as the cove base groover and more. Find the adhesive you need for the type of transition you have. Get everything you need and save yourself time and money!


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