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Custom Baseboard Cover - Unfinished Wood Baseboard Vents

Custom Baseboard Cover - Unfinished Wood Baseboard Vents

Custom Triangular Air Vent - Wood Baseboard Covers

These custom triangular air vents can be made in hard to find sizes and come unfinished in 100% red oak. Our wood baseboard covers do not have a damper but simply are open at the back and bottom to allow for constant air return. The air vents have a horizontal slotted design for optimal airflow of both hot and cold air. Each of the wood baseboard covers listed have an overall height of 4 5/8" and a bottom projection of 2 3/4".

Find the right air vent for your home by selecting one of the five lengths below. Call us to special order any length, width or height if you can’t find what you are looking for! These wood baseboard covers can be painted or stained to match your home furnishings and are truly a wonderful product.

Custom Triangular Air Vent Highlights

  • Wood baseboard covers available in 5 lengths
  • Made from 100% red oak
  • Left unfinished for you to stain or paint
  • Open back and bottom allow for constant air return
  • Projects out from wall 2 3/4"
  • Height overall is 4 5/8"
  • Do not come with pre-drilled screw holes
  • Any size can be customized by calling
  • Other wood species also available
Item # Length Height Depth
64-0025 12 4 5/8 2 3/4
64-0026 15 4 5/8 2 3/4
64-0027 18 4 5/8 2 3/4
64-0028 24 4 5/8 2 3/4
64-0029 30 4 5/8 2 3/4


Please Note: Custom wood baseboard covers are made upon order and can take 3 - 4 weeks to be made. The baseboard air vent covers are considered special orders that are non-returnable and cannot be canceled once an order has been placed.

For other wood baseboard covers which have a damper to regulate airflow, check out our 24" triangular baseboard registers.

These triangular air vents are a great opportunity to change out your current metal returns for this solid oak one! Click or call to order.


Master SKU 64-0025#
Our price: $79.29
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Custom Baseboard Covers - Wood Baseboard Vent
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