DAP Clear Caulk, White Caulk & Weldwood Contact Cement

Renovate and repair homes with confidence from start to finish with quality products from DAP. Clear Caulk and White Caulk are silicone blended and great for projects in kitchens and bathrooms. Weldwood Contact Cement is extremely versatile and suitable for use with laminate, veneers and many other surfaces.

DAP Caulk & Cement Highlights

  • High quality silicone caulk and multi-purpose adhesive
  • Trusted, reliable and long lasting products
  • Made for professional contractors, remodelers and do-it-yourselfers

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Dap Clear Caulk
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Master SKU: 47-0033#
Dap clear caulk is great for sealing and caulking windows. You can also use it in your kitchen or bathroom. Contains silicone for flexibility and strong adhesion.

Our price: $5.29
Dap White Caulk
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Master SKU: 47-0034#
Dap white caulk is great for sealing and caulking windows. Blended with silicone for maximum flexibility and adhesion.

Our price: $5.29
Dap Weldwood Contact Cement
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Master SKU: 45-0005#
Dap Contact Cement is very versatile and is suitable for use with laminates, veneers, paper, cork, vinyl, plywood, fabrics, wood, and many other surfaces. Always test the product on a small area to ensure desired results.***Not recommended as a covebase adhesive.

Our price: $29.99