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Odor Neutralizers & Eliminators

Many homeowners attempt to deodorize their homes with over-the-counter air fresheners but these products only mask the bad odor and usually don’t last for long. Get rid of unwanted smells for good with effective odor neutralizers and eliminators for your home or office. Eliminate stinky odors from pets, garbage, smoke, shoes and more. Additional details and order options below.

Deodorizer Highlights

  • Odor neutralizers and eliminators for the home or office
  • Permanently get rid of unwanted smells fast
  • For use on smoke, garbage, shoe and pet odor

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Capture Pet Stain and Odor Neutralizer
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Master SKU: 27-0014#
Get your toughest pet stains out with Capture Pet Stain and Odor Neutralizer. Effective formula breaks down and removes pet stains with a few simple sprays.

Our price: $20.79
Dr Schutz Dry Foam Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner
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Master SKU: 58-0006
Dr. Schutz Dry Foam upholstery cleaner is also safe to use on natural fiber carpets and rugs as well as oriental wall coverings. This foam carpet cleaner is sold in a 400 mL aerosol can.

Our price: $25.09
Host Odor Exploder Concentrate
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Master SKU: 39-0007#

Use Odor Exploder to destroy smoke, cooking, and pet odors. Ideal for use in bathrooms, pet areas, nursing homes, hospitals, restaurants, and hotels.

Our price: $8.99
Total Solutions Live Micro 535
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Master SKU: 18-0001#
Total Solutions Live Micro is a natural cleaner made with bacteria to help break down organic waste. This enzyme odor remover comes in a 32 oz bottle and needs to be diluted based on the surface area being cleaned. Safe to use in homes, hotels and hospitals.

Our price: $7.49