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Design Materials Inc / Sisal Care - Carpet Cleaner & Sealant

Looking for professional strength carpet cleaner that is safe and affordable? Look no further than Sisal Care by Design Materials Inc. Stains are no match for Sisal Care carpet cleaner and protective sealant. Check out these scientifically designed products and clean with confidence.

Design Materials Sisal Care Carpet Highlights

  • Long lasting protection against stains
  • Convenient spray bottle application
  • Environmentally friendly

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Sisal Care Carpet Cleaner
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Master SKU: 53-0527#
Sisal Care Fiber Cleaner is an excellent and safe way to clean up stains on your sisal carpet or rug. This safe cleaner can also be used to clean seagrass and coir rugs. Sold in a 22 oz spray.

Our price: $20.69
Sisal Guard Carpet Sealant
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Master SKU: 53-0525#
Protect your sisal carpet, coir rugs and seagrass from unsightly stains with Sisal Guard Fiber Sealant. This carpet stain repellent is a step above other protectors on the market by slowing the absorbency rate of spills into natural fibers. Sold in a 32 oz spray bottle.

Our price: $46.09