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Great prices on the effective Dr Schutz Floor Care products, including their revolutionary resilient repair product Scratch Fix.


Dr Schutz Dry Foam Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner
Master SKU: 58-0006
Dr Schutz dry foam upholstery cleaner is also safe to use on natural fiber carpets and rugs, as well as oriental wall coverings. This foam carpet cleaner is sold in a 400 mL aerosol can.

Our price: $22.79
Dr Schutz Floor Repair Set
Master SKU: 58-0014
.The Dr. Schutz Floor Repair Kit is an easy top use kit that will include everything that you need to fill in individual holes and deep scratches on laminate, wood, and resilient flooring.

Our price: $54.99
Dr Schutz Floor Shine
Master SKU: 58-0003
Dr. Schutz floor shine is a polymer sealer or vinyl floor restorer that leaves a beautiful shiny appearance. Use on vinyl and linoleum floors. Sold in a 750 mL bottle.

Our price: $17.39
Dr Schutz Laminate Cleaner
Master SKU: 58-0013
Dr. Schutz Concentrated Laminate Cleaner is a mild neutral cleaning agent for the initial and daily cleaning of your laminate floors.

Our price: $20.59
Dr Schutz Oil Wood Floor Care Kit
Master SKU: 58-0016

Our price: $55.99
Dr Schutz Scratch Fix Kit
Master SKU: 58-0001
Dr Schutz scratch fix kit for the repair of fine and deep scratches in resilient floor coverings including vinyl, asphalt tile, rubber, linoleum and cork.

Our price: $89.99
Dr Schutz SprayMax Cleaner
Master SKU: 58-0005
Dr Schutz laminate and wood floor cleaner is sold in a 1 liter spray bottle and is ready-to-use. Quick and simple steps for cleaning cork floors.

Our price: $20.59
Dr Schutz Universal Stain Remover Spray
Master SKU: 58-0002
Affordable and effective multi-use, universal stain remover by Dr. Schutz. This 200 ml spray bottle can tackle hard-to-remove stains on resilient floors, laminates, sealed wood and cork floors, as well as carpets and upholstery.

Our price: $20.99
Dr Schutz Wood Floor Deep Clean
Master SKU: 58-0012
Dr. Schutz Wood Deep Clean is an intensive cleaner for oiled and lacquered wood and cork floors designed to remove wax residue and polishes.

Our price: $26.69
Dr. Schutz H2Oil 750 ml
Master SKU: 58-0010
For your oiled wood and cork flooring's H2Oil will help freshen them up and give it a stunning silk matt finish.

Our price: $42.69
Dr. Schutz PU Concentrated Cleaner 750 ml
Master SKU: 58-0004
PU cleaner can be used as a routine cleaner for any factory cured floor with a polyurethane finish. This cleaner is also great for use for any newly installed floors and will not harm the floor surfaces.

Our price: $20.59
Dr. Schutz Wood Care for Oil Floors
Master SKU: 58-0011
Wood Care for oiled floors is a refresher for oiled and waxed floors in one step leaving a protective film. Great for wood and cork floors.

Our price: $22.29
Dr. Schutz Wood Floor Polish Matte Finish
Master SKU: 58-0009
This wood polish matte care will leave your wood floors with a pleasant matte look as well as protect it from scratches.

Our price: $29.19
Dr. Schutz Wood Floor Polish Satin Finish
Master SKU: 58-0008
Dr. Schutz Wood floor polish satin is a great regular refresher to protect your floors against scratches while leaving a nice satin finish.

Our price: $25.69