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Dundas Jafine

Permanent Air Filter
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Master SKU: 25-0015#
Permanent air filters for your return air filter grille. These filters will last for years, they can be washed out a reused over and over again.

Our price: $12.29
Magnetic Vent Cover 4 x 10
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Master SKU: 25-0006#
Conserve energy with easy to apply magnetic vent covers. Place over all your unused vents to help control air flow in your home and promote energy efficiency.

Our price: $5.89
Magnetic Vent Covers Cut to Fit
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Master SKU: 25-0008#
Use magnetic vents covers for a simple way to conserve energy. Place one of these magnetic covers over an unused floor vent to improve air distribution in your home.

Our price: $11.99