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DuraSeal - Hardwood Floor Cleaner, Wax & Renovator

Professional performance products from DuraSeal safely maintain the floors in your home. The hardwood floor cleaner, wax and renovator give you beauty at a price you can afford. Keep your floors looking their best with DuraSeal. As an industry leader in hardwood floor care, DuraSeal provides maintenance products you can count on. Innovative products are specially formulated to protect floors and provide quality results. See for yourself by purchasing these easy to use products for your hardwood floors today.

DuraSeal Cleaner Highlights

  • Specially formulated hardwood cleaner
  • Hard to find renovator reconditioner
  • Wax and cleaner available in two colors

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DuraSeal Hardwood Floor Cleaner
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Master SKU: 16-0008

DuraSeal Hardwood Floor Cleaner will properly clean and maintain all un-waxed wood floors.


Our price: $14.99
DuraSeal Hardwood Floor Cleaning Kit
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Master SKU: 16-0100
Save money by purchasing the DuraSeal Hardwood Floor Cleaning Kit. This complete kit includes a 28 oz spray bottle of the DuraSeal cleaner and a heavy duty aluminum microfiber mop with microfiber mop map.

Our price: $32.49
DuraSeal Wax and Cleaner
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Master SKU: 16-0011#
DURASEAL™ Wax & Cleaner for waxed hardwood floors. Neutral or Coffee Brown color choices. All-in-one floor maintenance.

Our price: $95.49
DuraSeal Wood Renovator
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Master SKU: 16-0013#
Renovate your waxed wood floor with DURASEAL™ Wood Renovator - Cleaner and Reconditioner. This hard-to-find waxed wood floor cleaner is sold in a gallon container, which covers approx 800-1000 square feet.

Our price: $95.49