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Earthwerks Glue & Grime Remover

Earthwerks Glue & Grime Remover

Floor Adhesive Remover - Clean Glue

Earthwerks floor adhesive remover safely and quickly cleans up residue from most hard surfaces. Use to clean glue, grease, soap scum and much more. This floor adhesive remover is ideal for removing a variety of adhesives, even cured glues. Clean glue removal spray is for getting rid of all types of glue and most film residues. Floor adhesive remover is designed to also remove latex paint overspray. Earthwerks clean glue removal is safe to use on ceramic tile, laminates and most hard surfaces, even counter tops. Floor adhesive remover spray is not for use on painted surfaces because it is a solvent. Your clean glue and adhesive spray remover is made in America and sold in a 12 oz spray bottle.

Floor Adhesive Remover Directions

  • Lightly spray area to be clean glue treated
  • Dampen a clean cloth with adhesive remover
  • Rub area until residue is removed
  • You may have to let remover penetrate for a few minutes
  • Wipe area clean to remove any residue

Clean Glue Residue Remover Highlights

  • Floor adhesive remover is made in the USA
  • Easy to use 12 oz spray mist bottle
  • To remove glue, grease and film residue
  • Can be used on most horizontal hard surfaces
  • Can even be used to remove paint overspray

When you're finished with the floor adhesive remover Earthwerks also offers a hard surface cleaner for easy floor maintenance.

Clean glue residue and greasy messes up in a snap with Earthwerks glue and grime remover, place your order today!
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Earthwerks Glue and Grime Remover
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