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Expanded Technologies Corp. - Floor Protection Pads, Sliders & Glides

Long lasting floor protection products from Expanded Technologies reduce maintenance costs and damage. With a variety of protective pads, sliders and glides to choose from, you are sure to find what you are looking for. These flooring protection products are perfect for homes, offices and other environments. Expanded Technologies has the surface protection solutions you need to keep your floors safe and scratch free. These popular products offer high quality and superior performance at an affordable price.

Expanded Technologies Floor Protectors Highlights

  • High quality floor protection products
  • Pads, sliders and glides in multiple sizes
  • Protection against scrapes and scratches

Find more Furniture Feet Protectors for carpet and hard surface floors. Order now!

Brown Felt Protective Pads 1 Inch x 6 Inch
(0 reviews)  
Master SKU: 41-0049#
These 1" x 6" brown protective felt pads will protect your floors from scratching, denting, and scuff marks.

Our price: $3.99
Clear Sleeve w/ Felt Bottom Chair Leg Floor Protection
(0 reviews)  

Clear Sleeve with Felt Bottom Chair Leg Floor Protection from Expanded Technologies. Sold in a pack of 4. Protect against scratches in your kitchen or dining room.

Our price: $7.00
Clear Sleeve w/ Slider Bottom - Slip On Sliders
(0 reviews)  
Master SKU: 41-0070#

Clear Sleeve with Slider Bottom for carpeted floors sold in 5 different round sizes ranging from 1 to 2 inches. These long lasting furniture glides for carpet are sold in packs of 4.

Our price: $5.89
Formed Felt Bottom Chair Leg Floor Protector
(0 reviews)  
Master SKU: 41-0061#
These formed felt bottom protectors are best suited for straight or only slightly angle leg chairs and stools . Leg should be no larger then listed size as these will not stretch to fit.

Our price: $3.79
Gripper Pad 1 inch x 4 inches
(0 reviews)  
Master SKU: 41-0045#
Gripper Pads stop furniture from moving, sliding and reduce vibration. Made of thick, flexible vinyl with adhesive backing. Great under washers and dryers.

Our price: $2.29
Gripper Pads 2 Inch Triangle
(0 reviews)  
Master SKU: 41-0046#
Triangle Gripper Pads stop furniture from unwanted movement. These thick gripper pads will reduce problem vibration.

Our price: $1.09
Protective Felt Pads Equinox
(0 reviews)  
Master SKU: 41-0024#
Save your floors from scratch marks, dents, and scuffs with these protective felt pads, from Past and Present. Can be used on wood, vinyl, and tile.

Our price: $1.79
Rubber Gripper Pads
(0 reviews)  
Master SKU: 41-0010#
Gripper pads are perfect for reducing chair, bed, table, and other appliance movement. Gripper pads will also help reduce floor scratching, denting, and scuffing.

Our price: $1.79
Slip-On Floor Savers Felt Tip
(0 reviews)  
Master SKU: 41-0035#
Slip-On Floor Savers for protecting your vinyl, linoleum, wood, tile, and marble floors. Easily slips onto round legs without using adhesive.

Our price: $5.99
Tap-On Protective Felt Pads
(0 reviews)  
Master SKU: 41-0047#
Tap on protective felt pads protect your floors from scratching, denting, and scuff marks. 7/8" and 1.25" tan felt pads.

Our price: $4.19
VersaGlide Formed Felt 1"
(0 reviews)  
Master SKU: 41-0053
New! VersaGlide Formed Felt from Expanded Technologies protects floor surfaces from scratches and reduces noise from moving furniture. This durable wooden furniture leg protector is easy to install and can be used on all hard floor surfaces.

Our price: $5.49
Wrap-Around Sled Style Chair Floor Protector
(0 reviews)  
Master SKU: 41-0031#
Protect your hard surface floors from scratches from your sled style chair legs. These felt furniture protectors attach easily with an adhesive backing.

Our price: $5.09
Slip-On Furniture Sliders
(0 reviews)  
Master SKU: 41-0037#
Slip-On Furniture sliders. Protects your carpets, and allows furniture to slide easily.

Our price: $6.99
Floor Glides
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Master SKU: 41-0019#
Many sizes of Floor Glides. Circular and square glides with adhesive will help you move heavy furniture, without hurting your back! Floor glides work on any surface, from carpeting to wood flooring.

Our price: $1.79
Triangle Floor Glides
(0 reviews)  
Master SKU: 41-0050#
2" and 3.5" triangular floor glides. Great for dressers, cabinets, chests, and dressers. Protects your floors against scratches, and allows you to move your furniture easier.

Our price: $3.99
Wrap Around Floor Glides for Sled Style Chairs
(0 reviews)  
Master SKU: 41-0043#
Protect your floors and furniture with these great sled chair glides.

Our price: $7.19