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Finish Line Caulk Tool - Caulk Syringe

Finish Line Caulk Tool - Caulk Syringe

Finish Line Caulking Tool Kit - Easy-to-use Caulk Syringe

Create a small bead of caulking with the Finish Line caulk tool, for a clean, detailed finish. This must-have caulking tool kit makes caulking small gaps and cracks cleaner, easier and more efficient. Filling and using the caulking syringe is simple to use, no matter your skill level. Makes a great alternative to hard to use and hard to find squeeze tubes of caulking. You can have the same small line capability of a caulk squeeze tube, but you can purchase a standard 10.3 oz tube of caulk.

Finish Line Caulk Tool Kit Includes:
  • Caulking syringe
  • White transfer tool
  • 2 applicator tips
  • Syringe tip
Must Have Caulking Tool Kit for: Hard to reach areas, detailed jobs, small gaps, fine lines, vanities, sinks, gaskets, windows and trim, countertops, and woodworking.

Caulk Syringe Simple Instructions:
  1. Place tube of caulk you will be using into a standard caulk gun (not included)
  2. Cut tip of caulk tube square (not at an angle) approximately 0.5" to 1" from the tip
  3. Twist in white transfer tool into the end of the caulk tube
  4. Depress trigger on caulk gun until caulk just reaches the top of the transfer tool. Wipe off any excess
  5. Twist caulking syringe onto white transfer tool
  6. Make sure plunger is fully depressed and syringe is empty of air
  7. Slowly pump caulk gun, filling caulk syringe
  8. Unscrew caulking syringe from white transfer tool
  9. Screw black caulking applicator tip into end of syringe
  10. Cut black applicator tip to desired diameter
  11. Depress plunger to dispense caulk
Use this must have caulking tool kit with our Colorfast siliconized acrylic latex caulk or the 100% silicone caulking.
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Finish Line Caulk Tool Kit - Caulk Syringe
Finish Line Caulking Tool Kit Instructions
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