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Floor Installation Tools and Accessories

Adhesive Remover, Floor Kits & More - Flooring Installation Tools

Find the supplies you need to make flooring installation a breeze. Basic tools and accessories for installation of tile, grout, floating floors and click flooring. All-in-one kits for added convenience. We also recommend having adhesive remover on hand to eliminate existing adhesive before new installation or to get rid of any excess glue on new applications. Additional details and order options below.

Floor Installation Tool Highlights

  • Install flooring easily with floor kits, adhesive remover and more
  • Ready to use floor installation tools save you time and money
  • High quality products for a hassle-free installation experience

We also offer Adhesive Spray for faster installation of LVT and plank flooring. Order now!


Cal-Flor Click Seal - Floor Joint Sealant
Master SKU: 22-0011
Cal-Flor Click Seal joint sealant for laminate and wood floors. Protects the core of click flooring from moisture and water damage. Also guards against joint swelling.

Our price: $11.49
Cal-Flor Floating Floor Installation Kit
Master SKU: 31-0008#
Make installing your own floating floor a breeze with this Cal-Flor installation kit. Ideal for laminate and wood flooring. Get professional results today.

Our price: $14.99
Basic Tile Installation Tool Kit
Master SKU: 57-0003#
This is a great kit for doing those small tile jobs around the house. This tile installation kit comes with the basics for your installation needs.

Our price: $24.99
Grouting Super Sponge
Master SKU: 53-0014#
Extra large sponge for grouting and clean up. Professional grouting sponge with rounded edges to minimize grout damage during installation.

Our price: $2.59
Economy Rubber Grout Float
Master SKU: 53-0010#
Economy grout float for fuller grout joints during installation. Rubber grout spreader ensures a smooth application of grout.

Our price: $4.29
Professional Grout Saw
Master SKU: 53-0011#
QEP brand professional grout saw for easy grout removal. Use this grout saw for stripping, cleaning and removing old grout.

Our price: $8.49
Grout Saw Replacement Blades
Master SKU: 53-0012#
Grout saw replacement blades for removing grout. Use fresh blade during tile grout removal. Two grout saw blades per package.

Our price: $3.29
Cal-Flor Film Free Adhesive Remover
Master SKU: 22-0012
Cal-Flor Film Free effectively removes glue and film from most hard surface flooring. This go-to adhesive remover is available in a ready-to-use 12 oz spray.

Our price: $5.49
Earthwerks Glue & Grime Remover
Master SKU: 35-0042#
Earthwerks specially formulated glue and grime remover for vinyl, tile, laminate floors, and more! Quickly remove floor installation glue and adhesive. This flooring adhesive remover is available in a 12 oz spray bottle.

Our price: $9.29
Sentinel 811 Multi-Surface Adhesive Primer
Master SKU: 42-0010#
This low-odor, high-performance primer is used prior to installation of new interior floor and wall coverings to improve the adhesion of these items to sub-floors and walls.

Our price: $15.19
Sentinel 821 Moisture & Vapor Reducing Sealer/Primer
Master SKU: 42-0002#
Sentinel 821 Moisture & Vapor Reducing Sealer/Primer is designed to form a moisture vapor barrier on most construction substrates. This moisture barrier product inhibits the growth of mold and mildew.

Our price: $33.59
Sentinel 747 Plus Floor Adhesive Remover
Master SKU: 42-0006#
Sentinel 747+ Adhesive Remover - An environmentally sound choice for a product that works without caustic chemicals or harming the environment.

Our price: $14.39
Sentinel 626 Carpet and Sheet Vinyl Adhesive Remover
Master SKU: 42-0009#
Sentinel 626 Vinyl Adhesive Remover - Is biodegradable formula that is designed for removing latex, acrylic, and pressure sensitive adhesives from a variety of surfaces.

Our price: $23.69
Sentinel 787 Adhesive, Seam & Spot Cleaner
Master SKU: 42-0001#

Removes adhesive from carpet in addition to grease and oil stains from most washable surfaces. This seam cleaner is also ideal for spot cleaning and grease marks. Seam cleaner is sold in a convenient 32 oz squeeze bottle and American made.

Our price: $15.15
Sentinel 922 Urethane Adhesive Remover Wipes
Master SKU: 42-0011#
Sentinel 922 Urethane Adhesive Remover Wipes are a convenient, easy-to-use product formulated for cleaning and removing urethane and solvent adhesives used for installing wood floors. These adhesive remover wipes are great to use. They have low odor and biodegradable powerful organic formula.

Our price: $14.69
Sentinel 922 Urethane Adhesive Remover
Master SKU: 42-0012#
Sentinel 922 Urethane Adhesive Remover - A low odor and readily biodegradable solution. Sentinel 922 is specially formulated for removing all wood adhesives including urethane, and is water rinsable.

Our price: $20.99