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Funny Drink Coasters


Clever Coasters - Done Counting Carbs
Master SKU: 26-0130#
Clever coasters read "I'm done counting carbs. I've decided to just laugh my ass off."

Our price: $3.89
Funny Drink Coaster - Boxed Wine With Straw
Master SKU: 26-0133#
Funny drink coaster makes an affordable and unique wine gift idea. The neoprene backing keeps drinks in place. Purchasing this funny wine gift for yourself, and make your guests chuckle at your next house party.

Our price: $3.89
Sarcastic Gift Idea - Drank Dinner Coaster
Master SKU: 26-0131#
Must have sarcastic gift idea! This funny drink coaster reads "Puh-leez. Like you never drank dinner?"

Our price: $3.89
Wiener Dog Gift - Wiener Hits Pool Coaster
Master SKU: 26-0132#
Hilarious wiener dog gift features the text "Once that wiener hits the pool it's gonna shrink up to nothin'." Funny drink coaster from the always funny MikWright company.

Our price: $3.89