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Furniture Feet and Glides for Carpet

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Glides Insert Leg Screw/Nail In Misc.
Floor Glides Slip On Floor Saver with Glides Nail On Glides for Table Legs Felt and Glide Assortment Pack
Square Floor Glides Clear Sleeve Slip On Furniture Sliders for Carpet Glide-Guys-Floor-Protectors 2 inch Slipstick Riser
Triangular-Glides Plastic Slip On Chair Leg Caps with Slider Bottom   Bed Risers
Wrap Around Glides for Sled Chairs     Slipstick Movers for Carpet and Hard Surfaces
      Carpet Sleds Furniture Movers



Floor Glides
Master SKU: 41-0019#
Many sizes of Floor Glides. Circular and square glides with adhesive will help you move heavy furniture, without hurting your back! Floor glides work on any surface, from carpeting to wood flooring.

Our price: $1.79
Nail On Polypropylene Glide White
Master SKU: 41-0565#
Protect your floors with Madico Nail On Glides made of polypropylene.

Our price: $1.99
Replacement Plastic Chair Leg Tips
Master SKU: 41-0545#
Replace your worn caps on your chairs.

Our price: $2.15
Triangle Floor Glides
Master SKU: 41-0050#
2" and 3.5" triangular floor glides. Great for dressers, cabinets, chests, and dressers. Protects your floors against scratches, and allows you to move your furniture easier.

Our price: $3.99
Clear Sleeve w/ Slider Bottom - Slip On Sliders
Master SKU: 41-0070#

Clear sleeve slip on furniture sliders for carpeted floors sold in 5 different round sizes ranging from 1 inch to 2 inch. These long lasting furniture glides for carpet are sold in packs of 4. 

Our price: $5.89
Glide Guys Furniture Glides
Master SKU: 11-0020#
Get these floor protectors for the bottom of your chairs, tables or any wooden furniture you want to be easier to move. Two styles available: felt for hard surface floors, hard carpeted base for carpeted floors. Purchase these felt and carpeted glides in brown or white.

Our price: $6.89
Slip-On Furniture Sliders
Master SKU: 41-0037#
New -Slip-On Furniture sliders. Protects your carpets, and allows furniture to slide easily.

Our price: $6.99
Wrap Around Floor Glides for Sled Style Chairs
Master SKU: 41-0043#
Protect your floors and furniture with these great sled chair glides.

Our price: $7.19
Slipstick Furniture Movers
Master SKU: 21-0038#
Slipstick furniture movers will multitask for you; works on carpet or hard surface

Our price: $15.99
Slipstick 3 inch Bed Riser
Master SKU: 21-0036#
Add 3 1/4" of extra storage under your bed or other furniture with these bed risers.

Our price: $16.79
Carpet Sleds Slide Furniture - 4 Pack
Master SKU: 12-0210#
Surface Shields Carpet Sliders make moving heavy furniture a breeze. These sliders for furniture will glide across the floor with ease. Four carpet surface sleds per pack.

Our price: $24.99
Feltac and Super Slidex 121 piece Floor Protection Kit
Master SKU: 41-0501#
Everything you need to protect your floors in one convenient package.

Our price: $25.99